Mr. Sujit Kumar Dutta is the founder and Chairman of Vivekananda Hospital Private Limited Durgapur West Bengal. He has a remarkable 13 years of experience in this hospital industry, each day his effort and commitment can be measured towards providing the best treatment possible to the patients suffering from health issues while keeping in mind the criticality and sensitivity of caring conditions required for treatment with quicker recovery. We have always found him regardful and vigilant being available in case of any emergency round the clock. It is completely his vision behind making a brand in hospitality for Little Heart Hospital in Bankura district as well as VHPL. While his prime focus is to serve the best efficiency for all patients without being racialist.

Mrs. Basab Dutta is the vice chairman cum director of Vivekananda Hospital Private Limited Durgapur West Bengal. She proudly has experience of more than 10 years as the Principal of a renowned school. It is completely her contribution that we are able to see VHPL as a brand in terms of policies, expansions, modern infrastructure, and services offered at the hospital. In fact, all day-to-day activities in the hospital are it minor or major are monitored and taken care of by her. We find her passion for technological advancements for an accelerating transformation to set as standard health care in West Bengal. Her vision is to enable the most effective and efficient technology for all patients at Vivekananda Hospital.